Our Team

Born out of ten years of academic research, Dr Mohamed Zaoui has assembled a world class team of experts from engineering, science, government, media and commerce to bring this vision to life.

Dr Mohamed Zaoui

Dr. Mohamed Zaoui is CNRS engineer at Collège de France, France’s most prestigious research establishment. His career covers implementation and management of internet networks (Orange, CNRS), space projects (MIR station, Space Shuttle, ISS), navigation strategies, neuroscience and robotics (Collège de France).

Our Values

We want to contribute to a Sustainable World

We are guided by Science & Ecology
The R-Stepps project was born out of Dr. Mohamed Zaoui’s years of research. Respect for local ecosystems, species and biodiversity are at the heart of our project.

We develop Accessible Technologies
We create reasonable and transportable projects, manufactured at the fairest cost, to maximize impact and efficiency. We make robots accessible to the greatest number.

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